Blessing of the Waters
January 2024
On January 6, 2024 several Orthodox Churches in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area gathered at the Meadowmere Park at Lake Grapevine.  This ceremony included throwing a cross into the lake and several people diving into the water to retrieve it.    
Saints Constantine and Helen - Metropolitan Consecration of the Church 
October 2023
On October 1, 2023, my church was consecrated by Metropolitan Saba, who flew in and gave his blessing to our new temple.  We had a beautiful ceremony commemorating this blessed day, along with the Divine Liturgy.  This video summarizes the events of this day.  
Saints Constantine and Helen - Vespers with Metropolitan Saba 
September 2023
One week before the consecration of our new church, we had vespers with Metropolitan Saba.  This was a very special vespers as we were honored to meet the Metropolitan at our church.  
Housewarming Puja
February 2023
A religious ceremony for the housewarming of a new home with their family.  These type of ceremonies generally take place early in the morning and can take several hours.  This is a summary video of this ceremony.  
Corporate Party - Skating Rink
July 2023
A corporate party at a local Skating Rink celebrating the company's achievements and handing out awards.  They hired a local band to play music and provided food and entertainment for their employees.  
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